These are some of the stories I've made. Included here are stories I think work, some I'm proud of, and others that were played somewhere fancy.

Remember Me, Roman

In the early noughties the Australian band Rocket Science was being touted as the ‘next big thing’. But that all changed in 2004, when their lead singer, Roman had a serious accident, suffering a brain injury and major memory loss. 

Left without an identity, he begins a long, sometimes painful, sometimes joyful, search for his memories, for the person he was before the accident.

Produced for Earshot (ABC RN).

The Mathoura Bra Fence

We like to talk about a place being ‘on the map’ when something about it spreads far and wide, maybe because of an unusual landmark: think of the Big Merino, the Twelve Apostles near Port Campbell, or the neon pink colour of Lake Hillier in Western Australia.

For the residents of Mathoura, in the NSW Riverina, their town is on the map because of a fence. And although fences can often be seen to divide people, this one is helping to hold the town’s community together.

Produced for Earshot (ABC RN).

Penny and the Catfish

Penny married John in the 80s. She always believed marriage was forever, and she felt comfortable in her role of wife and mother. 

Then one day, 30 years into her marriage, she receives a message that shatters her reality.

It sets Penny off on a journey to confront the lies and deception that litter her love life.

Produced for Days Like These (ABC Studios).


Numb and disconnected:
I want to feel something again

Growing up in a coastal town, James’ love of the water drew him to a career on the sea, But from day 1 on the ship, he experienced bullying and abuse that left him feeling numb, fearful, and suicidal. 

This story is about how James rediscovered beauty in life when he stopped trying to outrun his trauma.

Produced for Not Alone (Beyond Blue).

Shifting male attitudes: my depression doesn't make me weak

Brad grew up in regional Victoria in the 1980s. It was a time when kids roamed looking for adventures, weekend sport was the number one pastime, and men didn’t talk about their feelings. 

Brad’s family was deeply affected by suicide, and Brad has dedicated much of his life to changing attitudes around men and mental health.

Produced for Not Alone (Beyond Blue).

A Bucket List of Sounds

Kylie Webb has a condition known as neurofibromatosis Type 2, or NF2 for short. The condition means mostly benign tumours are growing on her spine and auditory nerve.

Eventually, the tumours in her ears will send her deaf, but before that day comes she has a bucket list of sounds she wants to hear one more time.

This is the story of her ticking the last remaining items off the list.

Produced for Earshot (ABC RN).

Supporting a loved one: Am I doing this right?

When it comes to supporting a loved one with a mental health there isn’t one strategy.  

This story is about Caroline’s experience caring for her son, 

Produced for Not Alone (Beyond Blue).

Luisa: A burning building no one else can see

Contrary to what many people think, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) isn’t just about wanting things all neat and ordered. 

For Luisa, her OCD creates disturbing, intrusive thoughts, and she’s had to battle a burning building inside her head since she was a teenager.

Produced for The Things I’ve Thought (Swinburne University of Technology).

The Stevedore

Tom Dowling works on the ports as a stevedore. He’s done it for decades and seen the industry change and become more automated in that time. 

There’s also a lot more to him than just his profession.

Produced for A Mile In My Shoes (The Empathy Museum).

Breath and Bone

Jessie Williams was an executive with the Groundswell Project, an organisation seeking to change the way Australians viewed death and dying. 

It’s a topic she knows well, having had her own experience with grief. This is a story about loss, accepting mortality, and unbreakable maternal bonds.

Produced for Human/Ordinary and Strangers (Story Central).

What Happened in Vegas...

In October 2017, Sarah and Michael went to Las Vegas on their American holiday. They saw magic, ate lots of food, and were next door to the worst mass shooting in US history.

This is their story of what happened during and after.

Produced for Human/Ordinary.

The Daddy Bear

Ever since my partner and I had kids, our house has been full of bears. But there’s one bear that I have a deep connection with.

This is a story about anger, and being honest with ourselves about our flaws.

Produced for Human/Ordinary.


This is the final episode in a series I made about death and dying. 

For this story, I was interested in understanding what people think about when they believe they are going to die.

Doctor and filmmaker Tim Duncan shares his story.

Produced for Human/Ordinary.

Flight of the Family

While on our first flight with out baby daughter, I contemplate my totally rational fear of flying. 

Should be emotional.

Produced for Human/Ordinary.